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Hello Gamana

Inspired by the innovation that embodies sri lanaka, gamana is here to transform your taxi experience.

By progressing the ordinary, in organized srilankan Taxi to the online dispatch app, Gamana opens the door to a smarter way to ride. This new and seamless travel experience enables you to book Sri Lana’s most affordable & reliable taxi at the touch of a button, with the benefit of knowing your fare, route and ETA upfront, and tracking your driver directly to you. With a vision to reimagine transportation in the region, Gamana is the key to unlocking the most available and convenient travel in Sri Lanka

Why Gamana

Book at the touch of a button

You can book a taxi on just one click.

Pay your way - cash or card

You can pay to ride using cash or card.

Collect Gamana Rewards

You can collect rewards from rides.

Know your ETA up front

you can know an estimated time of arrival using this app.

Know you route upfront

You can know the current location on the ride.

Professionals Drivers

You can know the driver's details on app.

How to book a Gamana Ride

Download the Gamana App

If you don’t already have it,you can now download the Gamana app to your phone and create an account.

gamana apple gamana android

How can we help you ?

Call 0817476476