Passenger Terms & Conditions of Service
(Last Updated 01-01-2020)

About Gamana Taxi ®

Gamana Taxi® is not a minicab or taxi company service Provider. The GamanaTxi® software acts as a channel through which customers and Providers can arrange bookings and payments for cab services. Gamana Txi® is not a licensed operator but will endeavour, without guarantee, to verify the legality of the Providers listed and offering booking and other related services and all other applications owned and operated by Exlanka Holding (pvt)ltd , established in the Sri lanka , having its registered offices at No 135/1/3 , E.L.Senanayaka veediya , Knady , the legal and absolute owner of the gaman Taxi ® .

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of this website and all other applications owned and operated by Exlanka Holding (pvt) Ltd . Should You have any questions or wish to clarify the meaning of any of these Terms and Conditions, please contact Exlanka Holding (pvt)Ltd at prior to using this website and any app application provided by Exlanka Holding (pvt)ltd . All transactions You complete through us are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices as they exist at the time the transaction is done. By accepting the present Terms and Conditions You also accept the privacy policy.

Services Offered From Gamana Taxi ®

Gamana Taxi ® offers information about Drivers , Transportation providers, Fleet operators registered with Gamana Taxi® here after call ("Services Provider”) through the use of applications here after call( The “APP” ) published by Exlanka Holding(pvt) Ltd Here after call (“Exlanka”) you may downloaded and installed by your own in to your personal mobile device here after call (“smart phone”). All services provided by Exlanka to you by means of your use of the Application are hereafter referred to as the "Service".


These Terms and Conditions were last updated in January 2020. Please check back regularly to see the current Terms and Conditions. Exlanka may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any amendment will be effective immediately.

You will agree:

Booking of cab services

For Customers

Placing a booking

To place a booking request You must be a registered user of the software. Once the booking request is submitted, one or more Providers will be notified and will be able to bid. We do not guarantee that a Provider will accept any booking requests. If a booking request is accepted by a Provider, You will receive a confirmation via e-mail, SMS or other notification systems at Your registered e-mail address or mobile phone. The confirmation will contain the details of the Provider, including trading name and phone number.

Fares and Payment

The use of the Application and the web site is free of charge.

The rates that apply for the Services Provider can be found on the Website and through the Application. These may be modified or updated by Exlanka from time to time. It is your own responsibility to remain informed about the current rates for the Services Provider.

Exlanka shall charge you for the Services provided to you by the Services Provider on behalf of the Services Provider. You agree that you must pay for all services you purchase through the app/website from the Services Provider, and that Exlanka may charge your credit card account or any cyber account as provided by you when registering for the Service form the app /web site for taxi /cab services (including any tax, levy ,or any payable ,as applicable) that may be charge by or in relationship with your account.

The quoted price displayed before You submit the requests is always an approximately Price that has been agreed with the Providers. You will be charged the correct amount as soon as you end the will be displayed the mobile phone both in drivers and customers app. Exlanka provides the customer the possibility of paying for the booking by cash or by credit/debit card or cyber payment . The payment methods available are clearly displayed in the app/ web site before You submit the request. For cash bookings, the fare must be paid directly to the driver dispatched by the Provider.

Your Obligations

You are obligated to complete the transaction with the Provider if You accept the Gamana Taxi ® terms, unless the transaction is prohibited by law or by this agreement. By accepting Gamana Taxi ® ’s terms, You agree to be bound by the conditions of the fare included in the fare details so long as the trip details are not in violation of this agreement or unlawful.

Your Responsibilities

It is Your responsibility to plan the journey correctly and leave sufficient time to reach the destination accordingly to Your needs . If You have any doubts on the length of the journey, we advice You to not book or get the services from Gamana taxi® Booking Amendments and Cancellations

If You require amendments for a confirmed booking, please contact the Provider directly. Cancellations can be made either via our software or by calling the Provider directly. Cancellation charges will be applied and it will apply time to time. Payment of the Cancellation fee

If a booking is made using a credit or debit card, Exlanka will charge the cancellation fee on Your credit or debit card or your cyber account . If a cash booking is cancelled, Exlanka reserves the right to register the amount of the cancellation fee (if applicable) to Your Gamana Taxi® balance or alternatively to request the payment of such payment. Gamana Taxi ® also reserves the right to temporarily disable Your account so that no further bookings can be placed until the balance of Your account has been settled.

Refund Policy

Any payment made is non-refundable.

Child restraints

The law does not require child restraints (baby seats, child seats, booster seats and booster cushions) to be provided in private hire vehicles. However upon request most Providers will be able to arrange the provision of child restraints. This might incur an additional charge, at the discretion of the Provider. If You need child restraints, it is of Your responsibility to verify with the Provider the availability and extra charges associated to this service. It is also of your responsibility to account for the possibility that the Provider might be unable to satisfy Your request. Therefore we advise not to get the serveries from services provider.


the users of the Gamana Taxi ® or the website provided by Exlanka grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license:

1. To download and view any Gamana Taxi ® Content only for your personal and non-commercial purposes; and 2. To view any User Detail to which you are allowed to access only for your personal and non-commercial purposes.

All copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the Mobile App or in the website and its are owned by exlanka holding (pvt)Ltd .

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